Facts About Sex After Pregnancy

Things were going just fine in the sex until you got pregnant and nine months later, out popped the baby crying. Body changes, family changes and new responsibilities can sometimes make a post baby sex more difficult, but that is OK? Here, our experts tell how he is.

1. Your sex drive speeds back up about six weeks after the birth.

False: while most doctors allow dating women all clear for facts about the sex after six weeks after giving birth, not all women, go. It may take months, even a woman for a whole year to recover her sex drive. “It’s my experience that most women completely lose interest in sex for at least one year after the birth of a child.

2. You probably won’t snap back into shape right now and faltering body image can make you shy away from sex.

The truth: “we see so many images of celebrities sporting a bikini and baring their toned, taut body immediately after birth.”  The reality is that most new moms bodies do not look like and most new moms are celebrities bank accounts for coaches and designer diets.” try not to dwell on how to change your body, because it can be a Downer your sex life, especially one that was already taking a beating from the baby. Here join SingleDatingGirls for sex.

3. Your husband is counting down the minutes until you are cleared to have sex again.

False: is this because clinical bad tear or other complications, there is usually one time when sex is the speech after the birth of a child, and is easy for a woman to feel as if her husband gets impatient, specially after nine long months of pregnancy when you may not have as much sex as you are used. You may worry, “he’s getting impatient about sex again?” maybe, probably not.

Here’s why: The Hormone vasopressin may weaken the human sex drive. “Vasopressin is a male bonding chemical”, to help connect fathers with their babies and mothers. Even if you’re not ready to have sex just yet, a hug or some good can be largely in intimacy.

4. The vagina may never be the same again

Truth: after childbirth, many women are weaker. But if you are worried about issues affecting your sex life, no. “Yes, vaginal tissue extends from birth, but this is a very flexible.”  The best thing a woman can do Kegel exercises are prenatal to help strengthen your vaginal and pelvic floor muscles.

5. Breastfeeding makes you feel sexier

False: your breasts swell and can increase a few sizes after a child, so it is reasonable to assume that you would feel sexier with your breasts perkier, curvier, right? But the truth, , you probably won’t. Breastfeeding is great for the health of your baby, this is probably not.


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