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I have been in Canberra for about 11 months and am finding it hard to meet new people. (Could be because i work so much)

I have moved around a lot since high school and with each move I seem to find it harder to make new friends.

Ok, so I suppose you want to know a little about me then…

Well, I have a good sense of humour, and love a good joke.

I am well known for my sociable and outgoing nature, love to communicate my ideas to others and am rarely at a loss for words. (Great for when you are stuck for things to say)

I enjoy going out and having a good time on the town, but also don’t mind a quite night in (snuggling with that special person watching a DVD)

I love being spoilt, and being the centre of attention (as most girls do)

And, I suppose I am a bit like everyone else on here in some ways. Just looking to meet that one person that you just always want to be around. That one person that makes you feel special and wanted all the time.
Looking for
hahaha -

Must be older

Must be taller

Must at least be a little romantic and good looking :)

You must have a positive outlook on life and enjoy having fun. A stick in the mud is no fun to be around.